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Extreme Water Sports

The fun of water activities is something that many people enjoy. Those that want some adrenaline and risk can try extreme water sports and there are a few to choose from. Surfing This popular action sport involves a surfer riding the front face of a sea wave on a surfboard as they make their wayRead More »

The Enjoyment and Risk of Extreme Sports

Adrenaline junkies get their kicks by taking risks and a common way to do this is to get involved with extreme sports. These also go by the names of actions sports and adventure sports and there are many to choose from. BASE Jumping This sport involves someone launching themselves from a high fixed location andRead More »

The World’s Most Dangerous Extreme Sports


The adrenaline rush that extreme sports produces can be highly addictive. One wrong move and it could end in injury or even cost you your life. But, for extreme athletes the danger is well worth the rewards. Here you can discover the world’s most dangerous extreme sports. Free Soloing The idea of rock climbing terrifiesRead More »

Extreme Sports

Peg grind

Extreme sports, sometimes referred to as action sports or adventure sports, are activities associated with the great outdoors. A level of inherent danger and risk is also included, hence their designation as ‘extreme’. BMX trick riding Many extreme sports are actually quite mainstream activities, these days, such as skateboarding and BMX trick riding. Other extremeRead More »